Let Go and Start Paving the Future

” I was so angry and I was the MOST angry at God. Isn’t that ridiculous?”

It wasn’t easy starting to put myself on the way to betterment.  It wasn’t easy to walk away from a lifestyle I knew for so long, even if it was the wrong one.  I am sure that so many people fall back into their old ways of addiction is because they don’t know where to begin on really finding the right way out. By the time that I really began to change my ways I had burnt a lot of bridges. My whole family was angry with me and the way I’ve acted, and couple that with the loss of my step-father. who has been in my life since I was 5, I had fallen into a deep, dark place. I had no feelings except for anger. Pure, unfiltered anger at everything and everyone. Most of all, I was angry with God. I felt like he was punishing me too harshly and it really filled me with rage. I can’t believe it now. It’s a ridiculous thought to be angry with God, but there I was. Luckily, I found my light in the darkness and came out of it a better woman and mother.

The key to changing was buckling down and not letting anything get in the way of my happiness. I was tired of holding onto so much anger. It wasn’t benefitting me and it wasn’t worth all the pain that it was causing. The toughest thing is letting go of the past and letting go of the opinions of others. People continued to determine my future based off of my past even though I was becoming a whole new woman. I learned to not let this kind of thing bother me. Other people’s opinions don’t decide the outcome. Only I do. I bottled up all the anger and resentment and I threw it out and never looked back.

The time for you to do the same is now. Right now. Let go of all the anger, resentment and frustration that is holding you back. The only way to become the best you is by paving your own future based on your own happiness.  I hope that over time this blog can help push you into truly putting your own happiness first because you can’t make others happy unless you are. We’ve all been through dark times and we’ve all been at our lowest points but we aren’t here and surviving to sit in the past. We will NOT sit in the past anymore. Now is the time to put the past behind us and move into a bright future and it starts with you.


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