Flipping the Mindset

052126DF-F062-4020-AAB6-413B172AD71F“I am not what happened to me-

I am what I choose to become.”

While we begin our new journey toward happiness and health it’s very important we are going in with the right mindset. Negativity is not an option. If you are out here trying to better yourself while listening to our own negative thoughts we’ll be working twice as hard. Something I learned the hard way.  Carrying around negativity is just asking to relapse into your old and harmful ways. Flipping your mindset isn’t going to happen in one day or even one week. But, it will be something that happens over time and gradually. The trick is to start catching the negative thoughts as they come across and changing the thought into a positive. We tend to stick ourselves in an endless cycle of negative thoughts that seem inescapable but with a wedge of positivity, it can all be turned around.  One big thing that can help cement this change is setting your intention and making it a strict goal. This can be as simple as something like committing to not putting yourself in situations that breed negativity and separating yourself from the people that awaken the most negative thoughts inside you.


The next thing that will help create the mindset of positivity, as cheesy as it sounds, is repeating positive affirmations every day. I know that you probably hear this all the time and you know why? Because it works! Stop whatever you are doing right now and look in a mirror and try it. Say something like “I love myself” or “I am beautiful and I am strong.”  Saying anything like this to yourself is going to drastically change the way you think about yourself and only for the better. Finding one thing about myself that I love and can actively remind myself of daily has been one of the most important changes I have made in my life.  When we are constantly berating ourselves and buying into the negativity that surrounds us how can we hope to better ourselves?


The last thing that will make you notice a change in your thinking and behavior is taking a step back and being conscious about who you are spending your time with. They say you are most like the five people that are closest to you in your life. So, who are those five for you? It took me a long time to be able to break off those people who were setting me back. But, I started to take a good, hard look and the people around me were still engaging in the harmful behavior that hurt me so much for so long. I made a serious commitment to myself to stop hanging around the people who still did drugs or abused alcohol. How could I change when all this was going on around me? I couldn’t and it was one of the hardest things I have done but I let go of all the negative people in my life and only kept those that wanted the best for me and could help me get there. Now you’re probably thinking that I am the most selfish person out there but you can’t change if you stay around the same negative people and negative activities.  You won’t believe the way you feel once you let go of those negative interactions and start living for yourself. Your life is bound to change for the better when your life is spent laughing instead of spent hating!


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