Battling your Biggest Enemy

“I understood myself only after I destroyed myself. And only in the process of fixing myself, did I know who I really was.” -Unknown


At some point, we’ve all asked questions about ourselves. “Who am I?” “What am I even doing here?” “Will I ever be rich or famous?” We’ve all questioned our worth at some point and some don’t dwell on this but, some of us can be crippled by these thoughts. It’s not an easy thing to grapple with not knowing your purpose in life or feeling like a failure because you haven’t hit some milestone that the people around you have. But, it is okay to not have your life figured out yet. It’s not easy to just wake up and know your purpose on Earth. It took me a long time to really figure out what I wanted in life and I went through a lot before it all became clear. Changing my mindset and becoming a more positive and forgiving person was one of the most cathartic experiences that helped me find my calling. Another giant help was my devotion to the lord and having faith in the plan that was being laid out in front of me.


I’m here to tell you something. No matter how low you feel or how down you get, it will¬†change. You can turn it around and you will discover who you are meant to be. The hardest things to overcome are the low points but just think about how much stronger they really make you. I’m here for anyone who has ever felt so low they questioned if they should still be here, anyone who has struggled with addiction or abuse, and anyone who just needs to be reminded you are worthy of love and happiness. And it starts with you. You truly have to convince yourself that you do have a purpose and you are worth your own love. It’s time we all commit to loving ourselves and putting our happiness first.


I know it’s not easy to just flip the switch and suddenly start loving yourself.¬† I struggled with flipping the switch for a long time and more people than you think struggle with the same thing. It’s important to remember you aren’t alone in feeling like this and that many can relate to the feeling. You aren’t crazy, you aren’t weird, you’re more normal than you can believe. You also need to believe that things will change and that the right answer isn’t relapsing and abusing drugs/alcohol or separating yourself from society. You have to own the pain and fight through it. No one is going to fight this battle for you and even when the fight looks over and your last ounce of strength is tested; you cannot surrender. We will all fight together and we will win.


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