You are Favored Friday

“Trade your expectation for appreciation and the world changes instantly.” -Tony Robbins

Happy Friday beautiful people! I hope that your week has been truly blessed. I am not even going to lie. My week has been a little off. The mixture of the ice storms and my daughters staying home from school has thrown me for a loop a little bit. I have begun to go a little stir crazy. The constant dark and gloomy days have never been good for me. But, the way I got through it this week was sticking to my routine. Staying on my routine has become easier than ever, even when I want to break it.

What do I mean by that?

Tuesday was the third day that I woke up to the awful, freezing weather. Dark and a daunting ice storm was heading our way. Of course, the girl’s schools canceled class. At first, I debated on getting up and getting some chores knocked out or I thought about spending the rest of the day in bed and catching up on rest (which is okay sometimes). But, I know myself and I know if I let myself get off track for just a little bit I will be set back for days.

So, I got my day started just like usual and did my “Jesus calling” with my daughters and then writing in my gratitude journal. I moved on to speaking my positive affirmations to myself and was able to stay focused throughout the bleak weather and remain productive and full of happiness.

As I was working throughout the days full of cold and ice, I started reflecting. I really started thinking about how grateful I am for the life that surrounds me. What really awakened the grateful side of me was starting my journal. Don’t get me wrong, I used to consider myself a grateful person and would say thank you when someone gave me a gift. But, that was a more shallow version of being grateful. Now I am GRATEFUL! I love spreading the gratitude to the people around me who are changing me for the better and who are great people.

I started saying “thank you” to each new day I got to experience. After that, I focus on all the things around me to be grateful for. Since November 6th, 2016, I have written in my gratitude journal every day. I highly recommend starting this for yourself. This is something that will 100% be yours. You can start each day writing 10 things that you are grateful and appreciative for in your life. Make this a part of your routine, not just another chore.  The more you practice this, the more you will find yourself writing every day.

I’m sure this sounds crazy just reading this and you are thinking that it won’t really work. But, I am here to say that this is something I live by and it really does work! Sometimes, the simplest changes and additions can make the biggest changes. At least give it a shot. I challenge you to pick up this practice and at least stick with it for one month and see how different your mood becomes.


One thought on “You are Favored Friday

  1. I love how raw and completely honest you are. Every blog that has been posted has truly what I needed at the time I needed it most. Looking forward to the continuation of this blog. I am truly grateful for you and your inspiring faith and words.

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