Who I am and Why I am Here

“There is no force more powerful than a woman determined to rise”

Well, we are almost a full week removed from the Olympics now. Although I hate to admit it, I did not get to watch nearly as much coverage as I would have liked. However, I did get to watch the women’s free skate and it was absolutely stunning. The way these women glided across the ice and the confidence they gave off was purely incredible. I kept going back to how proud and impressed their families must be watching them on the biggest stage imaginable. Despite minor mistakes, falls or not getting the top score, all of these women are incredible. Imagine how much blood, sweat,  and tears went into training for the Olympics and everything that led up to their final performance. The joy and happiness that is returned is surely worth it.


“That was her worst performance yet,” one of the announcers said about one of the runs. I couldn’t believe what I heard because I was blown away by the performance. Maybe it was my untrained eyes but it looked like she executed everything amazingly. Everyone competing at the Olympics had a chance that most people will never get the opportunity to do. But how do they get there? Well, they are dedicated to their craft. They never gave up, no matter what anyone said to them, they set out to prove that they are the best athletes in their field.  Their stories are truly inspiring and I am personally inspired by the determination and the fact that they refused to give up on what they believe and love.


That’s why I am here and writing this blog for the world. I am dedicated to helping as many people as I can. I want to help inspire and change as many lives as possible. Men and women all over the world are lacking true self-love and I hope that I can help change that. The importance of following through, being true to yourself and helping others has been lost in the recent years for many people. It’s hard not to focus on money or making others happy and instead focusing on yourself and I think that is something that needs to be realigned in our culture. Lastly, I am dedicated to sharing the path the Lord laid in front of me and how it put me on the path to health and wellness in my own life.


My road is not without a large number of potholes and detours but, I want to show you the roadmap that I took to land here. My life used to be a constant struggle of my inner demons. I battled my addiction while struggling with the loss of my dad. I have lived through an abusive relationship, I used to constantly chase the approval of others.  The list of my hardships goes on and on and I am sure that some of you can relate to that feeling. However, I will not embrace the dark path anymore. I chose to change my thinking and set myself on a path of gratitude and a pure heart. But, that doesn’t mean I don’t acknowledge the struggles that I have lived through. No, these things make up who I am and have molded me into the strong woman I am today. I will never give up on my passion to help change and inspire. Like the athletes in the Olympics, I hope that my story can help awaken something inside of you that will change your life for the better. I am committed to the path we have started together through this blog and hope that you are too.

I will leave you with one last saying that I use to help make sure I stay on track.

“If you are interested, you will do what is convenient but, if you are committed then you will do whatever it takes.


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