Dedicated to Growth

“I refuse to go back to the old me. I am becoming a better person using the experiences of my past”

Happy Wednesday, Y’all. We are halfway to the weekend! I hope you guys have all been having a great week and working toward becoming the best version of yourself! One thing that is constantly on my mind when I am thinking about how to change things is growing. I know we’ve talked about growth and how to expand but, it is going to be something that I talk about a lot. It is definitely a common theme in my experiences that by growing your life can improve. Growth is absolutely necessary for this journey. No matter your age, profession, religion, gender or race there is always room for growth. This year is dedicated to loving ourselves and you have to be able to expand to know how to properly do that!

In the mornings, when you are speaking your affirmations, let’s try adding this:

“I am committed to exponential growth every day. I am committed to being my best every day. I am committed to better my actions and thoughts every day. I am 100% committed to myself every day.”

As you start repeating these words every day they will start to sink into your subconscious and change your daily direction without even realizing it. They will become apart of you and these words will help guide you to your ultimate goal.

I am bringing some more tips on how to improve yourself today. Think of it as a kind of roadmap from the lessons I have learned the past few years either by personal experiences, reading, scripture or from my mentors.

#1) Be open to change AND growth!

“If we learn to open our hearts, anyone, including those who drive us crazy, can be our teacher”

This quote just gets me!  I had to share it with you guys. How can we grow or change without being open to it? It’s such an obvious concept but it is so hard to master. Think about how different your day would be if instead of letting annoyances and disturbances get you angry and frustrated you took them as learning experiences or practice to calm yourself down in stressful situations. The more we can accept our surroundings and change only what we can control the easier it is to grow with experiences and turn your point of view around.

#2) Commit to the life God intended for you

“Be imitators of God and walk in love.” Ephesians 5:1

Finding God was one of the most important things in my life and one of the biggest driving factors of my turn around in life. It is SO important to commit yourself to the Lord and follow the path that he has laid before you. It might not be the road that you were hoping for or the one you envisioned but, it is the road He set for you and something you need to follow. It may be scary at first but, I promise you that it will pay off. For the longest time, I didn’t know how to change and I constantly was praying to God to help lead the way. “God, I don’t know anything except that I need you right now and I need to feel good again. Please show me your will.” This was the prayer I found myself going back to time and time again and if you are just starting your relationship with God, or even if you already have one, I think this is a prayer that can help all of us.

#3) Commit to your words through action

Freedom is not the absence of commitments but the ability to choose and commit myself to what is best for me.” -Paulo Coelho

If you leave with nothing else from today’s post I hope you pay attention to this quote. We all have a goal of bettering ourselves and reaching a higher purpose. Let’s start with this fact, other people’s opinions do not matter or control you. But, the way you look at yourself is very important. One thing I realized is that I do control what I do and what things I choose to participate in. I know it sounds like a simple realization but it is hard to stop letting society and others decide what your life and your day is going to be filled with. I started doing things I enjoyed and because of this, other responsibilities and things in my life changed accordingly. The more fulfilled I felt the better I performed at my job. The more rest I allowed myself the more joy I got playing with my children. When I leave church I am more aware of the blessings around me. You can talk about change all you want but when you truly start to incorporate the changes in life things will fall into place that you never expected.

Our desires dictate our priorities and most of the time in this world our desires are placed before our needs. We cannot truly grow if we continue to ignore our needs for our desires. It’s time to prove we want change through our own actions and truly begin to find ourselves.

Leave a comment sharing your ways of letting your true-self shine through and how you put yourself first



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