Mental Health is Key

Happy Wednesday everyone! I hope you all are having a great week. I definitely am doing my best to get through it. Springing forward this week with daylight savings is proving to be a bit difficult.

This morning was a bit cloudy but, eventually, the sun did come out and it even began to warm up. I cannot wait for Spring guys! You don’t understand how much I love this season. In the last 6 years, gardening has become one of my favorite hobbies and that I love spending my free time doing. It has also become somewhere that I like to spend my time praying and meditating. When you find a way to clear all the negativity around you it makes it a lot easier to start seeing the changes around you. I never thought I would be the person that would shed a tear of joy seeing a beautiful Dhalia or sit happily in my garden watching squirrels and birds playing.  It is such a beautiful sight and simply amazing to reflect on. I look forward to waking up early so I can start my day spending time in my garden. I cannot wait for Spring to come into full bloom and bring my meditation to a whole new level. Meditating wasn’t always easy for me and sometimes I didn’t really know what I was doing when I started out. I want to share with you a few tips to get you started.


Embrace the Truth

You have to believe that you are beautiful and uniquely made. God does not make mistakes but, I recognize at times you may feel inadequate. Don’t believe your self-doubt anymore. You cannot let that doubt control the way you think about yourself. The more power and credit you give to yourself the stronger you will become. I know it sounds simple when it is put into writing but, it truly is an incredible feeling to be self-empowered. When you are living a life of bliss, both mentally and spiritually, you can feel the connection to a higher power and calling. Finding that bliss can feel like discovering Utopia within yourself. Once you find this bliss you will feel the pain, guilt and shame wash away from you and create a whole, different side of you. But, this all comes down to you being the one to enact this change.


Stay Away from Negativity, Greed, and Lies

Complaining is something that many people spend their time doing. Some more than others and some could even make a living out of it. It seems like for some all they know is how to be unhappy. A large number of people have caught the victim complex in this society and the only way they know how to express it is through complaints. Did you know that 70% of Americans are unhappy with their job? 70%! That is well over half of America that is unhappy with what they are doing every day. Yet, most of that 70% will never do a thing to change their position. But, not us, anymore. Maybe you don’t have to go as far as quitting your job but, we will not stand still and let negative vibes and situations bring us down. We are committing to a life of bliss and a life of surrounding ourselves with what makes us happy. No more settling. I want you all to make the conscious choice to continually surround yourself with positivity and things that destroy the negativity, greed, and lies around you. Please understand that I am not telling you to go out tomorrow and quit your job and abandon family members you find yourself squabbling with. But, I am asking you to start keeping a mental note of things in your life that drain your spirit. I am going to guide you down a path of true self-love and healthy, realistic boundaries through my own personal experiences and the wisdom I have gained through them.


I pray you spend some time reflecting on the situations you find yourself in and the things that surround you. Please feel free to share any of your own experiences that relate to finding bliss within your negative situations or a time you worked yourself out of an unhappy spot in your life.


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