Friday Favors

Today, I drove to Arkansas with Ry and Mk, my two daughters. I thought a lot about the past week through this drive. I went through a whole lot of different experiences in these few days. In fact, on four different occasions this week something happened that would have destroyed me six years ago.

But, this week they did not break me and I am so thankful for that. I have been driving along looking at the beautiful Rock Hills and praising the Lord for his undeniable amazing grace.

Some people just don’t quite understand how simple and pure the Lord’s grace really is. I think Romans 5:8 is a beautiful example of it. “But God shows his love for us while we were still sinners. Christ died for us.”

This verse took me awhile to fully understand but, once I did I was blown away by it. It made me sad but it also made me feel grateful. He chose to be tortured on the cross for our salvation, even though, we are all sinners. I remember something my pastor said a few years back, “you don’t get good to get God, you get God to get good.” This is one of the truest things that has ever been spoken to me.

But, I want to take some more time and talk about you (and how amazing you are)! It is “You are favored Friday” after all. As we are all embarking on this journey together and finding who we truly are it is nice to have a few fun reminders for ourselves.

Everyone needs to remember that we are only human, yet God’s grace surrounds us. We will make mistakes in our lives and we will stumble but, the Lord will be there to help us back to our feet and remind us how great we all can be.

Another thing to remember is that we are all stronger than we will ever give ourselves credit for. I was reminded of this fact this week. I finally realized how strong and independent I can be.  Even though I had a rough week I am still all smiles today and bouncing around ready to tackle the world. I will not let a couple bad days ruin all the positive energy I have been building and you shouldn’t either.

My weekend goals for you are to sit down and examine a few things about yourself, more specifically, ask yourself a few important questions:

  1. Who am I? Deep down, what are your deepest desires and truths
  2. What is my #1 personal goal for growth this month?
  3. 5 words to describe who I am in a positive light

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