Dedicated to you!

“I know God can perform miracles because my life today is a miracle”

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a chance to enjoy your weekend; I know I definitely did! I spent a lot of time with my daughters and my youngest lost her 2nd tooth and she pulled it out on her own. My little baby is starting to grow up! She has been freaking out this whole time about the tooth coming out though so it is a pretty big deal she did it on her own. The joys of motherhood, am I right?

I’ve been thinking about what to talk about this week and the topic of Easter kept bouncing in my head because it is so close. Later this week I will have a post going more into depth on what Easter means to me and how it will help improve us. But, today I wanted to show any new readers what exactly I am doing here and a little more information about me. I want you guys to really know me so we can all improve ourselves together!

My name is Karissa Cobb and I am turning 28 years old later this year. I am a mother of two beautiful girls, Rylie is my oldest at 7 and Mary Kay is 5 years old. They have a huge part of my life story!! My daughters are my life and I am thankful every day for being blessed with them.

Yesterday, I had my 6-year mark of sobriety and honestly, I made it this far by the grace of God. I did a lot of stupid things throughout high school, things that don’t make sense to me today,  but, when I got pregnant with Rylie I started changing all that. I did really well for a while but, in April of 2011, my dad, Victor, passed away. It felt like my whole life went with him. He was my step-dad since I was 5 years old and he felt like my dad.

I definitely started “numbing” the pain again after that. I did terrible things in this time. I hated everything and I hated everyone; especially God. I didn’t care what happened to me during this time of my life and I wanted to die some days. When I look back at this time it is always a really hard thing for me to think about. The devil had his grip on me for a long time. But, I know God can perform miracles because my life is a miracle. I can’t wait to keep explaining the miracles that have occurred in my life!

My journey is one filled with struggle, faith, fear, hope, and triumph. At one point, I had lost everything and hit my rock bottom but, I made the decision to turn it around and today I am happier than ever and I am still making improvements every day!

I am writing this blog to celebrate the gift the Lord gave me with redemption. I know that one of the reasons I survived through all of this and turned everything around was to share this story and inspire people everywhere to commit to living their best lives.


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