No More Feeding the Flame

“Kindness is a language the blind can see and the deaf can hear” – Mark Twain


One major thing that used to weigh me down was all the resentments I was hanging on to. It was the biggest relief when I could let go of those during my recovery process. I am not a hateful and angry person. This isn’t to say I never get upset but, I am not full of hate anymore.

Today at work something happened that took me completely off guard and the old me would have reacted terribly. I would have said awful things and caused a major scene. Today, I cried. But I also prayed. I prayed for the people causing pain around me. Instead of letting their negativity cause me to suffer setbacks I prayed to God for them.

This is a major milestone for me and I hope you all can experience something like this!

I have over six years of experiences I want to share with you guys and I will be putting something together to share them more in-depth with you soon.  But, for now, I want to share with you the big three things that help keep the resentment away in my life.


1) When you hold a grudge; it holds you

“Living with a grudge is like drinking a poison and expecting the other guy to get sick.” – Unknown

We need to stop giving other people the power over our feelings. Living with a grudge toward someone or something is going to change how you live your daily life and for what? You are building anger inside of yourself that will only cause harm to you or those around you. Don’t give up your inner peace and happiness for a grudge.


2) Stop keeping expectations

It’s hard to be happy with people when you expect too much out of them. We all want everyone to behave just as we perceive they should but, we are all different people and act differently. We need to stop expecting people to read our minds and do as we wish and accept them for who they are; shortcomings and all. We aren’t perfect and we can’t expect those around us to be either. Letting go of these expectations for those around us will help ease the number of resentments you begin to harbor in a day.


3) Continue loving your self and appreciating life around you

When you are focused on being the best version of yourself then things will begin to feel different. Instead of looking at things with a negative scope you will see things through a thankful eye. You begin to lose the urge to feel angry and you can let go of the grudges and the annoyances that typically would set off anger in you. Find that self-love and grow it into something wonderful and free of needless anger!


I hope these little things begin to breed big changes! Keep working on finding the best version of you and creating a world of positivity! I hope you all continue to have the best week you can and look forward to a happy Easter.


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