Post-Easter Praise

He has risen! Happy Easter (I know I am late)! I hope all of you made the most of your weekend and took the time to enjoy the holiday and God. This weekend reminded me that life is truly good with the Lord and even though things may get hard it is all worth it.

I don’t know if everyone will relate to everything I am about to talk about in this post but I have a burning desire to share with you everything that I have been feeling over the weekend.


Easter was something that was always celebrated as a family growing up. I have, also, always understood why it is to be celebrated. But, I wanted to share with you why this Resurrection Sunday is very important.

“He was pierced for our transgressions, he was bruised for our inquisitions and by his wounds- we are healed.”

Last Easter, when we were driving home, it hit me. I became really emotional and I could not stop replaying His crucifixion in my head. It had never hit me like this before and I felt sick to my stomach. How could He love us this much and die for us?! It is absolutely amazing and yet, some people don’t even realize how big the sacrifice was.

I could not sleep that night and I wanted to run to all my friends and tell them that I truly understood now. I understood what was given up for us and the love that God has given us. It wasn’t until that night that it really dawned on me how much my life had truly transformed. The Lord has done amazing things for my life and for my heart.

I know that everyone has a different story and not everyone is ready to walk with God but that is okay. I accept and welcome everyone! The importance is having faith.

Faith that no matter what greatness will happen.

I am sure this won’t be the first time you have heard it but let your faith be bigger than your fears.

I want you to really understand why I feel the way I do and who I am. I have gone through things that have broken people forever. I have seen things that I only thought happen in movies and in my 27 years it has been filled with many cold, hard days. I have felt so alone but, I refused to lose faith. I am here to help anyone who can relate to this feeling.

This week I really want to hear from all of you and what you are feeling. I want to know who is reading and why and what do you want to hear from me?

Please leave a comment or send me a message, I love hearing from all of you!



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