Take some time

How is everyone’s Monday starting off? I hope you all are ready for a GREAT week full of positivity and change. I’ve really enjoyed myself the past week and that is because of my wonderful family I got to be surrounded by.


This past week I got to take my daughters to Florida for Spring break and to celebrate Easter with my mom. I haven’t shared with you guys yet but, I plan to move to Florida soon. My mom moved here a couple years ago and it gave us the chance to experience how wonderful it is. I am so happy for my mom because she had dreamed of living in Florida for so long and now she is finally able to. It is hard for me because no matter how old I am or what I am doing I always want my mom to be close by.

It’s been amazing meeting all my mom’s new friends and seeing how popular she is in her new home. She is really thriving nowadays and I am so grateful to witness it. What I am really trying to say is my mom deserves all this happiness because of how amazing she truly is. I want everyone to remember how important it is to be grateful for your family and the sacrifices they have made.


A family is one of the most important things that we can have. It is important to remember that people all over the world aren’t able to enjoy their family and that is why it is so much more important to appreciate them if you still can. One important thing I have learned is that family does not only come from blood. Often times your best family will be ones you found along the way. Since I learned this, I really started valuing the relationships that I make and continue to foster. A lot of times the gratitude that runs through my heart is an engine for creating new family ties.

So how do you really appreciate your family and best friends? Are you asking yourself if you have been showing enough appreciation towards them?

It is never too late for you to rebuild something. It is never too late to reach out and try to repair a relationship. One of my biggest goals is to make sure my side of the street is always clean. What do I mean by that?

I have been learning what it really means to be a strong woman and apart of that is owning my s***! I’m learning what it means to be really honest and loyal and giving my 100% while still keeping my own healthy boundaries.

First, you have to really know who you are surrounded by and what their intentions are. If you have a close friend or family member that is constantly draining you and being a negative influence in your life it is time to address that. I know this is hard but, through my experiences, you can’t hang onto people like this in your life or it will continue to drag you down. I’m not telling you to make this a big, drug out ordeal but, instead remove yourself more from the situation. I’ve had to let go of a few relationships that were important to me because I realized that it was a relationship in which I was being used.

As you grow and reflect on yourself more you will find there are people you have hurt and sometimes we hurt our family members without really realizing it. I want you to spend the next 30 days taking some time to write down why you appreciate those people around you. The way you appreciate these people will drastically change after this, for the better!

One thing that is crucial in making those around you feel loved is communication. Communication is key because you can’t express your gratitude if you fail to communicate. You also can’t address problems in a relationship without communication. We are in charge of keeping our own street clean and that starts with owning all of our own problems and feelings and expressing those to the ones around us.

I mean it when I say my family is everything. Not a lot of people fully realize this but, tomorrow is not promised and I want to spend as many moments as I can with the ones I love.

You never know who needs a little sunshine in their life and today I want you guys to give 3 compliments to some random people you interact with!


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