You are Favored Friday

“The moment you truly believe in yourself is the moment you become unstoppable.”

Today is my favorite day! It is “You are Favored Friday” (I know I am a little late). That means today is all about you and we can spread that same attitude throughout the weekend! Let’s get rid of the negativity and start appreciating ourselves. When you start caring about yourself more than caring what people think of you then things begin to get very beautiful. I’m here to help you get to that point!

It’s crazy to think about all the years of education we are required to grow through but, we’ve never been taught to love ourselves.

Wow, what an important lesson that is and should be taught more. When I started to focus more on my personal needs I felt really selfish. But, after awhile I learned that it was more selfish of me to not take some time to myself and work on myself. If you never take any time to appreciate who you are and love yourself you will only end up hurting yourself and those around you even more. I know it sounds insane but, it really is true.

So, as I have been sitting here thinking about my own life and experiences I wanted to share a few things with you guys that really helped me start loving myself.


  1. Your physical health is essential

I am not saying that you need to go out and get a new gym membership or start some radical diet to achieve this. But, it is important to know where we stand on the spectrum of healthiness. How is your eating? Even more so, are you eating throughout the day?? How are your energy levels? These are some things you can ask yourself to gauge our own physical health.  If we aren’t giving our body everything it needs to be healthy and happy then how can we expect to be mentally healthy? Some people do like to go to a gym or spend time in yoga classes and if that is you, even better! Giving your body a workout is always something that will come back positively to you!

2. Do what you say and mean what you do

It is time to get real. Real serious and there is no better time than now. Have a quick yet, serious talk with yourself about who you are and how to show that off. In a world full of hate, pain and much more negativity let your personality be the purest it can and help spread light across the world.  If you are trying to work on yourself or thinking about beginning that journey just know- you must commit. No more lies or manipulation. We are going to live a life of truth and positivity. This is going to be tough but, I promise it is going to be worth it. Six years down the road, or even sooner, you are going to become a whole different person and be much happier for it.

3. You are no longer a victim

When I look back through my years of addiction (which isn’t often) it is embarrassing and completely unacceptable how I treated my friends and family and how I let them treat me. Now, I know how good I feel in my relationship. This is because I am no longer playing as a victim to myself or anyone around me. The reason I think this is such an important place to start is when we play the victim we are giving up a piece of ourselves and losing self-respect. There is a manipulative trait tied to playing the victim and we need to get rid of that to progress in life! We will become comfortable in our own skin and we will focus more on helping others in the process.


Remember that change is a gradual thing and you need to be proud of yourself for starting the journey.


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