Opening New Doors

I can’t believe it’s finally Friday! Thank the Lord! This week has felt like such a long one. But, it was a good week just a very busy one. I want to start by saying I have some good news for everyone!

This is very exciting for me and it just proves to me how amazing God can be for all of us. What I am about to tell you would have never been possible seven years ago. I am so thankful for the Lord because He is one of the biggest driving forces of goodness in my life and continues to give me amazing opportunities.

Next Monday, I will be starting as the Gym teacher at my daughter’s elementary school! This is so exciting for me and I can’t wait to teach kindergarten through sixth grade. I would appreciate a little prayer of good faith from everyone! I am nervous to start and will be spending my weekend finishing my plans for each class. This is a great chance for me because the school is a small, Christian school so it will only be part-time and will fit perfectly into my schedule.

The position only became available because the current teacher, who is amazing, is going through some health issues. I have been keeping her in my prayers and I hope that you will too. I wish the circumstances leading to this opportunity for me weren’t so unhappy.

But, this is something that would honestly have never been possible for me just a few years ago. I really committed to becoming a better person and getting rid of my addiction and the things that made me hard to be around. Today, I can definitely say that it was more than worth it. I would have never dreamed that I would be able to teach children and help them become better people as well! It just goes to show how much your life can truly change with a little positivity and all the doors that begin to open once you let go of what is holding you back. God has made this possible for me and I can’t wait to continue to improve myself and find new things to tackle. This weekend I want you guys to really think about what this means and how things can change for you. Maybe you will even be able to find a new passion like I have!


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