Never Live in Shame

Hello everyone! How are you all doing this Monday? I am doing amazing and I feel so high on life! So y’all know I spent my last week in New Orleans.

Wow! What an amazing week. It was so beautiful there and there were palm trees all over and the weather was fabulous. It was around 80 degrees during the day and it stayed cool through the nights. So, Saturday evening, we went down to the French Quarters and spent the night on a ghost tour! It was such a cool experience. I loved learning the history of everything we were seeing.

Bourbon Street, however, was a different story. I am not sure if it is because I’m not a drinker but it was just gross to me. It was overcrowded and the people were mean. I just couldn’t believe it. Someone cussed out our tour guide! I am happy to say that I have been to Bourbon Street now but I do not plan on returning anytime soon.

But, besides my company retreat, the best part of New Orleans was the food! Wowza, our first meal was at a restaurant called Mulate’s. Every one of us cleaned our plates. We got a New Orleans platter that featured a little bit of everything to offer. There was catfish, shrimp, oysters and stuffed crab. It was so amazing and I knew that the rest of my meals were going to be just as good. I did not come across one thing I didn’t absolutely love while I visited.

I haven’t even told you about where we stayed yet! Airbnb did not disappoint and considering I was there for work it was very nice to have an actual home to stay in. And it was huge! Overall, I am just so thankful for how amazing my trip was and know that God has blessed me with this chance.

I am starting to get more excited about my future. This weekend was an inspiration to me because I heard so many amazing things from the leaders of my company. I am so passionate about changing people’s lives for the better and I am so happy I have the chance to do so. It’s like a fire inside of me that cannot be contained. I know I have found my purpose. But, do you guys understand why I am writing yet?


“Don’t be ashamed of your story, it will inspire others!”

Yes, your past does not define you; it is just a story. The sooner you realize this the sooner it will stop having the power to control you. This is 100% truth, guys.

Don’t get it confused though, this will not happen overnight. This is the first year that I feel truly comfortable with myself and where I am. This is something I have been working towards for a long time and to feel the final result is pretty spectacular.

I have felt complete guilt and shame for my past and I have felt it from the people who continue to bring up my past to try and hurt me. Has anyone ever tried to hide their past and meet new people so they can see the good side of you? I can relate to that struggle and those feelings so much. When I began dating the love of my life I never wanted him to know anything about my past. He was so perfect and sweet that I wanted him to learn about who I am before he learned about some of the things I have done. I want you guys to know I can relate to being in this situation and now that I have lived through it, I have to say. Honesty really is the best policy here. We are working on loving ourselves completely here. If it is meant to be then they will stick around after learning about you.

Do not let anyone, family or friends included, make you live in regret or remorse for who you are. You are on a path to a better you now and no one can impede that. As long as you have faith and dedication your life will turn around.

My life is a beautiful example of God’s grace changing things for the better. I just had to keep my faith it was coming. Even the most broken of people deserve love, grace and a second chance. Do not give up and remember that a better life is coming.


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